In order to ensure your MINI's optimal performance and a longer engine life, it is essential to fill up with only the highest quality fuels. In addition, the emissions from your exhaust will be less harmful, thus ensuring a better air quality for all.

High octane unleaded petrol (ULP) is recommended for modern vehicles to allow the engine and exhaust catalyst technology to perform correctly, reducing the emissions of poisonous and harmful exhaust gases. The use of 95 octane unleaded petrol also has other advantages, such as prolonging spark plug, fuel system and exhaust life.

There are two octane ratings of fuels available in South Africa. These fuels' combustion characteristics vary between the coast and the inland region due to the differences in atmospheric pressure inland and at the coast. MINI recommends the use of ULP 95 for all new engines both at sea level and in inland areas.

High performance vehicles such as the John Cooper Works cars should only use ULP 95, the highest octane available. The use of lower octane fuel will reduce the performance of the vehicle and continued use will be detrimental to the fuel mixture sensors in the exhaust, as well as induce poor engine management characteristics within the engine control units.